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Senior Commercial Disputes Partner Achieves Smooth Exit & Career Advancement Opportunities

A Senior Commercial Disputes Partner sought Ortus Group’s help to facilitate a smooth exit from his firm and identify new opportunities for career advancement. The partner sought to move away from his national practice in favour of a firm with a strong disputes practice, headquartered in London.

The Mission & Challenge 

Ortus Group was tasked to research the market, identify the suitable targets and create opportunities for this partner. In order to do this effectively, the team had to develop a keen understanding of what this partner needed from the future firm in order to provide him the improvement and advancement that he was not getting from the old firm.

In the national firm that he was practicing in, the partner was frustrated with crucial decisions being made by a board of directors that were based outside of London. He believed that could affect his career in the long term. Furthermore, his client base and skillset would be better suited for a London-focussed firm.

Identifying a suitable firm that was ready to invest

As a senior commercial disputes lawyer with over 14 years of experience working in high-value commercial disputes, this partner was also responsible for managing an office of over sixty fee-earners.

Given the seniority of this candidate, Ortus Group had to find the suitable firm that were willing to invest in a partner of this calibre, with reasonable expectations on client following.

How Ortus Group Approached this Successfully 

It is commonly known that the London legal market can be a minefield for an individual partner acting without an agent. By relying on their own contacts or job advertisements to find a new firm, they often find themselves joining firms that are not quite suitable for their practice and themselves.

By using industry knowledge and a strong network, Ortus Group was able to identify suitable target firms that would offer the platform and career opportunities sought. The team’s strategy was developed to obtain credible interest from the firms that were identified as good targets and commence a recruitment process for the partner who sought Ortus Group’s help.

Individual partners acting without an agent often find themselves joining firms that do not quite hit the mark for their practice. Ortus Group uses industry knowledge to identify suitable target firms.

The End Result

The Senior Commercial Disputes Partner successfully joined a long-established law firm in Central London. The firm was reputed for providing high quality, individually tailored legal advice with a cross-border aspect to a portfolio of domestic and international clients. Their client base included high net-worth individuals and families, commercial businesses and entrepreneurs which allowed the partner to attract and generate more work for the firm.