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Thinking about the state of your career? Get answers with our self-assessment tool. Here!
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Contemplating your future?

Periodically reflecting on your direction is essential.

Rewarding careers change people’s lives and the fortunes of companies who enable them. We can help you reflect on purpose, self-improvement and your desired destination.

If you decide to remain with your current firm, you will achieve much more satisfaction and ongoing success knowing that rather than inertia and simply putting it off, you do so because you’ve gained clarity on direction and purpose.

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Critical Reflection

The most successful people in any industry regularly and critically self-evaluate, but this is not common a practice in professional services. Aside from stymieing personal and career growth opportunities, this professional inertia increases the risk of only ever changing direction when circumstances push you into it, which in turn increases your risk of making a bad decision motivated by a move away from pain rather than toward something positive.

Self Assessment

Get answers with this FREE self-assessment tool

  • Get insight on the health of your career path
  • See where you stand in career satisfaction
  • How to get further guidance on what you can do to improve your situation

Thinking about the state of your career and not sure where to start? Try this 3 minute self-assessment tool and stay in control of your career.

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Our purpose is to challenge you to ask…

  • Am I doing the best I can?
  • Is this current approach the best long-term answer?
  • How can I do better?
  • Am I genuinely appreciated?
  • Is my long-term future best served here?
  • What do my clients think of this?

Helping people to take stock and change either what they are currently doing, or the way they feel about their current situation is why we do this.

We have originated and facilitated countless lateral moves over the years and our experts are well placed to guide you in confidence.

Guide for Partners Considering a Lateral Move

Planning for your future can start now with some insights to help you begin your journey. Please download our complementary guide to help you get started.

Identifying Ambition & Creating Better Deals

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    I understand Ortus will hold my information in accordance with the Privacy Policy guidelines. We never share any personal data with third-parties.