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Senior Employment Partner Lateral move

As head of department in a large national firm, this person began to have concerns about decisions the management board was making as a result of Covid. When the pandemic hit, the board began a large cost cutting exercise across the firm including letting junior solicitors go without consulting other senior partners in the firm. The employment department was as busy as it had ever been during the pandemic but despite this, this person saw many of his team cut adrift which had a direct impact on the wider team by heaping more work on fewer shoulders and the service level he could offer his clients. The partner reached out to Ortus Group for guidance because it became clear whilst his personal practice was in growth mode the firm was pulling down the shutters.  In order to take his personal practice to the next level he could see, he needed to find a better long term platform so he asked for our expertise to identify and deliver this.  After engaging the market and finding multiple interested parties, we recommended meeting with just two firms which quickly narrowed to one which represented the perfect fit. He joined the firm in early 2021 and has already gone on to have his most successful year to date.