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Rupert Hawke

Consultant M&A Advisor

Rupert has a wealth of experience in leading on mergers and acquisitions in the legal sector. 

During 12 years as FD / MD of Cartwright King Solicitors, he oversaw the growth of the firm from a regional to a national presence through the successful acquisition of many legal practices and first came to meet Ortus Group in this regard. Rupert is highly regarded in the legal sector for his knowledge of law firm management and is a regular contributor in the media on the subject as well as presenting on behalf of The Law Society.

The areas Rupert provides particular value relate to providing potential buyers with an assessment of the true worth of a potential target and working with sellers to ensure best preparation before going to market. He has a deep understanding of the mechanisms underpinning WIP valuation as well as other significant numbers found on the balance sheet of a law firm and clarifying this at the outset enables buyers and sellers to have better confidence on a fair business valuation.

Having been on the inside of multiple acquisitions, Rupert also appreciates the cultural aspects that can help or hinder a potential merger and is able to advise in this regard too.