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Dan Sill

Head of Legal Executive Search Team

Through his time at Ortus, Dan has worked with law firms of all shapes and sizes nationally to help facilitate their growth plans via carefully managed executive search projects.

He has delivered on projects as diverse as Real Estate, Charity Governance and White Collar Crime and loves the challenge of projects in a new practice area. Aside from identifying people who can increase profits and client bases, Dan also works with a small number of senior individuals each year who are capable of delivering notable change as well as having the ambition to make positive change.

He has worked with Equity Partners to de-risk and protect their clients’ interests by moving to a better suited firm as well as build business plans that have created opportunities for Senior Associates who have found themselves held back purely through circumstances at their current firm.

Dan is a Wolves supporting football nut who plays and trains a minimum of three times a week. On his few spare days, you may find Dan destroying a golf course near you as he prepares for football retirement when the legs inevitably give up…