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Commercial Property Partner Lateral move

Ortus Group originally engaged with this property partner in January 2018 as part of a search project for a client, but this initial approach was unsuccessful as the partner explained he had more he wanted to achieve with his current firm. Six months after that original call, this partner called Ortus Group out of the blue and explained that he had kept our details and would now welcome a conversation as he was starting to have doubts about his current firm which he believed were setting themselves up for an acquisition and he didn’t want to be part of such a process. We explained that the position we originally contacted him about was no longer current but we would be able to research and identify the best firms and opportunities for him. We spoke at great length with the partner to understand his motivations, his practice, the sectors he worked with and the support he would need in order to transfer his clients and to continue building his practice. Once we had this information we mapped out the market and compiled a short list of just four firms that we believed be a good fit for him as well as representing a step up in platform for him and his practice. Six months later, he began working with his first choice of the four options identified and he is now recognised as one of the leading real estate lawyers in the region.